• rTMS therapy involves a series of treatments. For each rTMS session you will be taken into a comfortable room in our facility and seated in the treatment chair.
  • Before beginning the procedure you will be asked to remove any metal or magnetic-sensitive objects (e.g jewelry, keys, credit cards). Because rTMS produces a loud clicking sound with each pulse, earplugs will be provided for your comfort and safety. rTMS does not require any anesthesia or sedation. You will be awake and alert during the entire procedure.
  • Once you are ready to begin treatment, a member of the treatment team will position the chair to increase your level of comfort. The technician will then place a movable device containing the magnetic coil close to your head.  During the first treatment, the psychiatrist a long with one of the TMS technicians, will then adjust the TMS device by delivering a series of pulses until it gives just enough energy so that your hand twitches. The amount of energy required to make your hand twitch is called the “motor threshold”. Every individual has a different motor threshold and the treatments are given at an energy level just above this threshold.
  • During the subsequent treatment sessions, the machine produces a clicking sound and the patient may feel a slight tapping sensation on the scalp. Trained staff will monitor you during the entire treatment. You may stop the procedure at any time. For your comfort, a therapeutic environment is provided for the treatment. Patients are encouraged to relax and/or meditate during their treatment. Expect to sit in a specially designed, adjustable chair while listening to calming music and guided mediations. We also give the patient the choice to watch television, read, or even nap! Once the daily treatment has been completed, you will be able to immediately get back to your daily activities.

Number of Treatments

  • A typical protocol of treatment consists of repeated cycles of rTMS followed by rest periods (10hz; 4 second trains; 26 second wait; 75 trains for a total of 3000 stimulations per treatment session at 120% motor threshold 37.5 min.
  • The duration of the treatment expands from 4-6 weeks for a total of 36 treatments. Treatments are five days a week, each session lasting approximately 37 minutes.
  • An initial session of rTMS includes the determination of the patients individual stimulation level (motor threshold determination). Diagnosis and the initial session are performed by a psychiatrist. The remainder of treatments are conducted by trained mental health professionals under the supervision of a psychiatrist.