TMS has brightened the dark corners of my depression. The TMS staff totally enhance the results. ... Even the receptionist, Anna, was always upbeat and kind. The entire staff was amazing and very cohesive. Taking it all in, the TMS treatment and the team helped lessen my pain.


My experience with Garden State TMS has been extremely positive. I am better equipped to deal with my issues now and I am more open to other points of view. The facilitators were competent, compassionate, and very empathetic to my situation. I found myself looking forward to my sessions and now I am grateful for my renewed path to a positive outcome.

My experience with the staff at Garden State TMS was OUTSTANDING. The professionalism is impeccable but more important was the compassion, caring, & helpfulness of all the staff. I was treated with dignity throughout the treatment process. Encouragement and positivity was a constant every day I had treatment. I recommend any one who can be helped by TMS use this group…..They are the BEST people!

The TMS program has more than met my expectation. When I started, my sadness and despair we at an all time high. I am happy to report that my spirits have lifted quite a bit. I am busy now de-cluttering my life figuratively and literally.